Now you can train ONLINE
to become a First-Step instructor
New! Special Introduction segment 
to broaden knowledge prior
to the launch of the full Program
Course starts on June 8th. Register now
Provided by Shai Silberbusch
developer of the
First-Step method 

Special offer
4 lessons cost 90 EUR
Each lesson will be recorded
Dates and hours
8.6 | 15.6 | 22.6 | 29.6
18:30-20:00 (GMT+3)
 This is a unique opportunity to join the online
introductory course at a special price!

The course is intended for parents, pregnant women, 
 professionals, and people interested in the field of baby development.
What will you learn in the course?
>> We’ll present the wonderful world of developmental stages, from birth to one year.
 >>The focus of the first lessons is on the developmental stages, from birth to 6 months.
>> We’ll understand the significance of the parents and the
developmental environment for fulfilling the developmental stages.
>> We’ll observe individual lessons, learn what a developmental
delay is, and write down our understandings.
>> We’ll give ourselves and our bodies experience in lying
on our stomachs and raising our heads –
to understand a little more what our babies are feeling.
>> Tips, toys, and accessories for first-time parenting, and for parenting in general.
!Join more than 2000 instructors that guide parents all over the world
Orly Buganim
First-Step instructor
I feel that its a mission to teach parents about the impact they have in the first few months and years on the babies development.
Moran Pichon
First-Step instructor
I realized that I’d found my vocation in life. I work with parents and babies in their earliest days. The profession brings me tremendous happiness and satisfaction.
Ronka and Or
First-Step students
Mother and daughter
We own a gym, and decided to offer mother & baby workshops in our studio. The course taught us about the body and movement, and added some missing aspects. 
Shai Silberbusch
an infant and child development expert and a senior Feldenkrais method instructor–
developed the First Step method Over years working with adults and children,
Shai learned about the relation between infant development
and the course of life as a child and adult.
Those insights, combined with his hands-on experience
as a father of three, led him to create this unique method
that helps parents all over the world fully implement
their babies’ motoric and developmental abilities.
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